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Wood based panel include plywood, film faced plywood, MDF, block board, particle board. Plywood has more widely market in the future. It is used in building, packing, decorating, furniture and industry etc.

How to make the plywood? Follow the 10 steps will help you to know the technology of manufacture.

Step 1. The logs cutting
The logs are cut into the size length you need.
The logs often normally spray water and maintain wet.
Machine need: Log cut off line with logs conveyor or movable chain saw.

Step 2. Logs debarking
The log skin need to move by hand or by log debarking machine. Now many plant use debarking machine. It can peel the skin and round the log.
Machine need: Log Debarker

Step 3. Veneer peeling
The round logs without skin convey to the veneer peeling machine.The veneer peeling machines have more type for your choice, If timber diameter big, use double spindle veneer peeling machinery and single spindle veneer peeling machinery. If timber diameter small, use CNC spindless veneer peeling machinery.
Veneer peeling can realize auto veneer peeling line. Include: log debarker, veneer peeling, veneer clipper and veneer stacker. This save worker and improve the efficiency greatly. 
Machine need: Double spindle / single spindle veneer peeling machine, CNC spindless veneer peeling machine.

Step 4. Veneers clipping, Veneer stacking
The veneer is very long from the peeling machine. So Veneer clipper cut into pieces of required sizes. The clipper has two types: CNC rotary veneer clipper and CNC pneumatic clipper. 
More pieces of veneer pick up by hand or by stacking machine. 
Machine need: CNC Veneer clipper, Veneer auto stocking machine

Step 5. Veneer dryer

The wet veneer must be dried and maintain the moisture. This is very important for the good quality plywood. The moisture content is about 10%-12%_ The sunlight can not control the moisture and need more time. Veneer dryer machine will be used. It is easy to control the moisture and increase the production.

Machine need: Veneer dryer machine

Step 6. Dryer veneer mending
Some veneers need to mend for the defect. This needs patching machine. It also needs clipping machine to cut the veneer. Some small veneers also need to splice. This need core veneer splicer, face veneer slicer. 
Machine need: Patching machine, veneer clipper, core veneer splicer and face veneer splicer.

Step 7. Glue making, spreading and assembly

Glue and glue spreader is very important in making plywood. Some materials put into the mixture machine and make the glue. This needs glue mixture to finish.

Glue spreading machine spread the glue to the veneer uniformly.

The veneers are assembled together by worker.

Machine need: Glue mixture, glue spreading machine

Step 8. Cold pressing and hot pressing
The more assembled veneer layers are transferred into the hydraulic cold press. Cold press pressures them and ensures the veneer stick together. After pre-press, then put the blank flat to the hot press one by one. By the temperature and pressure, glue solidifies and plywood is finished. 
Machine need: Cold press, Hot press

Step 9. Trimming and face sanding
The blank plywood need to require size. Four side trimming saw can cut the required size. Then put the plywood into the sanding machine. Sanding and polishing the face of plywood. 
Machine need: Trimming saw machine, Sanding machine

Step 10. Inspection, labeling and storage 
Inspection and labeling is a very important part. The plywood will be classified by the standards and packing. At last all plywood will be put in storage and for sale. 

 This is plywood manufacture process and relative machines. Maybe some steps change because of the purpose of plywood.
Welcome to share on different technology. Please feel free to comment and contact Mr. Song and send email:
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