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Product name : Veneer Dryer
Product No. : 20181120141215
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Veneer Dryer:

Veneer dryer is for drying wet wood veneer. Wet veneer pass the dryer, the moistuer content of dryer veneer will be about 10%.
The moisture content will be suitable for making plywood.
This veneer dryer is continuous. It have more combined type: roller veneer dryer, net veneer dryer, roller and net combined veneer dryer.
Its length depend on the veneer capacity.   The heat source is steam or conduction oil.
Model BG183 BG1332 BG1933B
Working width 2650mm 2800mm net 2650/ roller 2800 mm
Working deck 2 2 3
The heating length 2x11=22m 2x8=16m 2x13=26m
Cooling length 2x1=2m 2x1=2m 2x2=4m
Transmission speed 2-28m/min 1.5-15m/min net 3-28/ roller1.5-15m/min
Drying capacity 2.5-3.2m³/h 1.8-2.5m³/h 4.8-5.4m³/h
Steam consumption 2100kg/h 2000kg/h 3200kg/h
Total motor 95kw 73kw 170kw
Overall size 290x490x300cm 230x420x270cm 340x540x450cm
Weight 38000kg 32000kg 95000kg

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